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Calvert County homeless animals need your help. Whether you’ve cared for them your entire life or have only recently been touched by the love of a pet, you can create a lasting, positive change for animals in need simply by naming Friends of the Linda L. Kelley Animal Shelter (FOLLKAS) in your Charitable Giving, Will, Trust, or as beneficiary for your retirement account or insurance policy.


FOLLKAS is pleased to announce we have partnered with Mr. Joshua G. Wynne with Edward Jones investment firm; and Ms. Andrea Baddour of the Baddour Law Firm to assist you with your Charitable and Legacy Giving. There are several charitable giving options to choose from. The Baddour Law Firm also offers Pet Trust planning for your own personal companion animals.


Including FOLLKAS in your Charitable Giving and or Legacy Plans helps you make a powerful statement about your love for animals. A bit of simple planning now means your act of kindness will make a difference for generations to come and help shape a bright future for our community’s homeless pets.


Your long-lasting gift will provide shelter, food, veterinary care, medicine, and loving homes for homeless animals for years to come.

Please feel free to review the documents below for more information or contact one of our partners! 

For more information or questions about FOLLKAS Charitable Giving Program,

please contact Mr. Joshua Wynne, from Edward Jones Investments

410-257-1321 / website

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For more information or questions about Legacy Planning,

please contact Attorney Ms. Andrea Baddour, Esquire

301-494-2158 / website


It's $5 Friday! We created this campaign to try and get a little extra help from our wonderful supporters. We know money is tight and that's why we're only asking for a few bucks.


The money you help us raise today by chipping in just $5, will help us pay for things like food, treats, beds, toys and medical care for the animals at the Linda L. Kelley Animal Shelter. It just takes a minute and we'd be so grateful…


We have built FOLLKAS on Integrity, Compassion, Commitment, Love for all animals… and your generous supprt.  But we run on donations. We hope you’ll consider signing up for one $5.00 Friday or recurring $5.00 Friday donations today. Your $5.00 can make a difference.

Thank you for your generosity.

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