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Donate Now

Why donate?

Your donations help support FOLLKAS efforts in providing funding for veterinary visits for all shelter animals, day-to-day shelter supplies, shelter facility capital improvements, support for training shelter staff and animal control and items not in the county budget.


How Your Donation Helps


Provides one month supply of heartworm preventative


Covers a complete dental workup


Provides food for a dog for one month


Covers the spay or neuter of one dog


Provides basic medical care for a litter or puppies or kittens


Will pay for a heart worm treatment

Donate in Honor or Memory Of

For special occasions, holidays, in honor and in memory. Celebrate a special day or occasion by sending the best gift ever. Make a donation in honor of a special person or pet, birthday, holiday, anniversary or milestone.

We’ll send a note to the recipient, acknowledging the gift made in their honor or memory of their loved one per your request in the note section in the link below. 


Who Your Donations Have Helped







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