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Saving Rupert a.k.a. future therapy dog!

Rupert was a loving 3-year-old Pit Bull/Labrador Retriever Mix who came to the shelter heartworm positive. This handsome boy had a fun and loving personality. He was simply happy to be around people - if you sat on the ground, he would plop down next to you and beg for belly rubs. He knows his commands like sit, down, and stay VERY well! Rupert was also an active guy who LOVES tennis balls and would do anything for you if you will throw it for him.

Our goal was to raise the desperately needed funds so that Rupert can get the lifesaving heartworm treatment he needed in order to live a long and happy life because there is a big life waiting for him.

Rupert had his first heartworm treatment on February 28th were it was determined he was stage 2 and treatable! He would need one more heartworm treatment in March!

Rupert was adopted by American K9 and they are training him to be a therapy dog!!! We know Rupert will be the best therapy dog because of his loving personality!

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